Kokie (pronounciation: /coke-key/). 21. New York based.

     Here to express myself, my endless spiritual journey, and the art I live by and partake in. My various passions make me a multifaceted being. I am a fourth year undergraduate who started out on a biology/pre-optometry route but am currently studying Ecology with aspirations of working on projects and research in support of a healthier environment. I also work as a freelance model/artist, but first and foremost, I am a compassionate human being before anything else. 

      Loving the earth and supporting others is a trait I actively do my best to pursue. I aim to take my abilities further and make an impactful and lasting difference in the world, and especially lesser developed communities. I intend to elevate others and ignite creativity by being a strong figure through the work I lend myself to, standing for progress in the ideas I believe in, and by fearlessly expressing myself in a world clouded by judgement.